It’s All About Cars, And More Cars, It’s An Automotive Forum!

We are based in Japan exporting Used Cars globally. This website is our chat base, newsroom, forum, social network, or anything that you want to describe it as.

The focus of this forum is to share our automotive exporting and buying experiences here in Japan with our friends old and new. Enjoy!

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Why Us At Buy-Used Cars Japan?

We have been known to make many websites that produce quality informative content and plenty of buying options for our car-loving community. This is different. We want people to share their car buying adventures with us and others on this network.

What Do We Offer? It’s Not A Normal Blog

This website is firstly an information hub for Automotive, News, Car Auction Activity, Motoring Blog, Information and Support Forum, and lastly a small Social Network. It’s a little of everything about buying cars from Japan all bundled up into one great website.

Why Wait? Don’t Hesitate, It’s Easy To Use

Our ultimate goal was to make this website easy for everyone to use. You even get a cool profile page if you want or simply join and go incognito. Buying cars and owning cars is a great experience so let’s rally together and share here.

Meet Car Buyers all over the World

Using our network we will introduce you to a global audience. Well, that’s the idea anyway. Since our conception in 2008 Used Cars Japan has amassed over 38,000 friends and customers whom we hope will share their automotive news and stories here.

Search With Due Diligence

While our site is safe itself it’s ultimately up to you who you talk to and share information with. If you are looking to buy cars please use this link here. To search the Japanese auction system please use this link here.

Have fun sharing safe information such as ad photos, news, questions, blogs, and stories here.

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Fully Responsive & Super Mobile Friendly!!

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our website is mobile-friendly for everyone using our website Buy Used Cars. You may be wondering why we used this name and yet we don’t sell cars here?

The answer is simple. “We sell cars” and our customers and friends “buy cars” This was simply an extension of our main website Used Cars Japan much the same as search.usedcarsphoto.usedcars is.

Our goal is to offer a totally complete package to our existing and new customers and friends as well as some great interactive website experience while you visit.

  • Build your own Used Car profile page in minutes.
  • Use messages, blogs, activity pages, and our forum to share your cars